Christmas Messages 2016

Text Messages for Xmas

Naughty Christmas Messages

The demand of messages is increased during Christmas. On Christmas season people are very happy and glad and they make their holidays special and memorable. People wish to each others with various ways. Some people always prefer to naught Christmas messages, funny Christmas messages and humorous Christmas messages. Friends mostly wish to each others with naught and double meaning Christmas messages. If this year you would like to bring smile on your friends faces son this year wish them with naughty Christmas messages. Now finding best and unique naughty sms collection is not hard and tough for you. Here we are offering you huge and latest collection of naught Christmas text messages. Just visit this website and get through us top and unique collection and as well share our collection with your friends.

Christmas shopping is awesome only when it is for me.

I just stole Santa’s naughty list! Ironically, it’s almost identical to my friends.

I’m the reason Santa even has a naughty list…..

His name is Clause. Santa Clause. The Force
is with him. And he’ll be back!

Dear santa please this year give me
A heavy bank account or a cute girl.

How do cats greet each other at Christmas?
A furry Merry Christmas and happy Mew Year!

Christmas has no end.So celebrate the enjoy of Christmas throughout the year.

When you stop believing in Santa Claus is when
you start getting clothes for Christmas!

“Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Santa?

My lack of Christmas shopping is pretty much dependent on the Mayans being right.

You really put the X in Xmas…Merry Christmas!

May your holidays be like Santa – fat, cheerful and abundant!

You know you re getting old when Santa starts looking younger.

The only real blind person at Christmas-time
is he who has not Christmas in his heart.

Hope Santa leaves you lost of GOOD SHIT this year! Merry Christmas.