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Muehlenhard, Charlene L; Shippee, Sheena K Research shows that many women pretend or "fake" orgasm, but little is known about whether men pretend orgasm. The purpose of Adult searching orgasm TX study was to investigate a whether, how, and why men pretend orgasm and b what men's Licking your pussy wet tonight women's reports of pretending orgasm reveal about their sexual scripts and the functions of orgasms within these scripts.

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Participants completed a qualitative questionnaire anonymously. Adult searching orgasm TX pretended during PVI, but some pretended during oral sex, manual stimulation, and phone sex. Frequently reported reasons were that orgasm was unlikely, they wanted sex to end, and they wanted to avoid negative consequences e.

suggest a sexual script in which women should orgasm before men, and men are responsible for women's orgasms. King, Robert; Belsky, Jay; Mah, Kenneth; Binik, Yitzchak In attempt to identify and validate different types of orgasms which females have during sex with a partner, data collected by Mah and Binik Coal city IL housewives personals the dimensional phenomenology of female orgasm were subjected Adult searching orgasm TX a typological analysis.

Latent-class analysis revealed four orgasm types which varied systematically in terms of pleasure and sensations engendered. Two types, collectively labelled "good-sex orgasms," received higher pleasure and sensation ratings than solitary-masturbatory ones, whereas two other types, collectively labelled "not-as-good-sex orgasms," received lower ratings. These two higher-order groupings differed on a of psychological, physical and relationship factors examined for purposes of Happy nude girls in texas the typology.

Evolutionary thinking regarding the function of female orgasm informed discussion of the findings.

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Future research directions were outlined, especially the need to examine whether the same individual experiences different types of orgasms with partners with different characteristics, as evolutionary theorizing predicts should be the case.

Both depend on supraspinal influences to orchestrate Adult searching orgasm TX characteristic pattern of activity in the pelvic organs. Unlike micturition, little is known about the supraspinal pathways involved in ejaculation and female orgasm. To identify brainstem regions activated during ejaculation and female orgasm and to compare them with those activated during micturition. Ejaculation in men and orgasm in women were Adult searching orgasm TX by manual stimulation of the penis or clitoris by the participants' partners.

Positron emission tomography PET with correction for head movements was used to capture the pattern Beautiful housewives seeking real sex Clarksville Adult searching orgasm TX activation at the time of sexual climax.

PET scans showing areas of activation during sexual climax. Ejaculation in men and orgasm in women resulted in activation in a localized region within the dorsolateral pontine tegmentum on the left side and in another region in the ventrolateral pontine tegmentum on the right.

The dorsolateral pontine area was also active in women who attempted but failed to have an orgasm and in women who imitated orgasm. The ventrolateral pontine area was only activated during ejaculation and physical orgasm in women. Activation of a localized region on the left side in the dorsolateral pontine tegmentum, which we termed the pelvic organ-stimulating center, South lanarkshire sex chat room during ejaculation in men and physical orgasm in women.

This same region has ly been shown to be activated during micturition, but on the right.

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The pelvic organ-stimulating center, via projections to the sacral Adult searching orgasm TX motoneurons, controls pelvic organs involved in voiding functions. In contrast, the ventrolateral pontine area, which we term the pelvic floor-stimulating center, produces the pelvic floor contractions during ejaculation in men and physical orgasm in women via direct projections to pelvic floor motoneurons.

The orgasm in women does not obviously contribute to the reproductive success, and surprisingly unreliably accompanies heterosexual intercourse. Two types of explanations have been proposed: one insisting on extant adaptive roles in reproduction, another explaining female orgasm as Free sex in port Brandenberg on byproduct of selection on Adult searching orgasm TX orgasm, which is crucial for sperm transfer.

We emphasize that these explanations tend to focus on Fun at Olathe Kansas side pub in amateur sex from human biology and thus address the modification of a trait rather than its evolutionary origin.

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To trace the backpage worcester women seeking men through evolution requires identifying its homologue in other species, which may have limited similarity with the human trait. Human female orgasm is associated with an endocrine surge similar to the copulatory surges in species with induced ovulation. We suggest that the homolog of human orgasm is the reflex that, ancestrally, induced ovulation.

This reflex became superfluous with the evolution of spontaneous ovulation, potentially freeing female orgasm for other roles. This is supported by phylogenetic evidence showing that induced ovulation is ancestral, while spontaneous ovulation is derived within eutherians.

In addition, the comparative anatomy of female reproductive Adult searching orgasm TX shows that evolution of spontaneous ovulation is correlated with increasing distance of Adult searching orgasm TX from the copulatory canal.

In summary, we suggest that the female orgasm-like trait may have been adaptive, however for a different role, namely for inducing ovulation.

With the evolution of spontaneous ovulation, orgasm was freed to gain secondary roles, which may explain its maintenance, but not its origin.

Orgasmic cephalgia: an uncommon presentation Eghwrudjakpor Conclusion: Most cases of orgasmic cephalgia are benign and probably do not require specific treatment. Triptans are useful for those that do not respond to conventional analgesics.

Costa, Rui Miguel; Miller, Geoffrey F; Brody, Stuart Research indicates that i women's orgasm during penile-vaginal intercourse PVI is influenced by fitness-related male partner characteristics, ii penis size is important for many women, and iii preference for a longer penis is associated with greater vaginal orgasm consistency triggered by PVI without concurrent clitoral masturbation. To test Wife wants nsa Wallkill hypothesis that vaginal orgasm frequency is associated with women's reporting that a longer than average penis is more likely to provoke their PVI orgasm.

Three hundred twenty-three women reported in Adult searching orgasm TX online survey their past month frequency of various sexual behaviors including PVI, vaginal orgasm, and clitoral orgasmthe effects of a longer than Women seeking casual sex Belfair Washington penis on likelihood of orgasm from PVI, and the importance they attributed to PVI and to noncoital sex.

Univariate analyses of covariance with dependent variables being frequencies of various sexual behaviors and types of orgasm and with independent variable being women reporting vs. Likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater vaginal orgasm frequency but unrelated to frequencies of other sexual behaviors, including clitoral orgasm.

In binary logistic regression, likelihood of orgasm with a longer penis was related to greater importance attributed Adult searching orgasm TX PVI and lesser Housewives looking real sex Gill Colorado 80624 attributed to noncoital sex. Women who prefer deeper penile-vaginal stimulation are more likely to have vaginal orgasm, consistent with Adult searching orgasm TX orgasm evolving as part of a female mate choice system favoring somewhat larger than average penises.

orgasm: Topics by

Future research could extend the findings by overcoming limitations related to more precise measurement of penis length to the pubis and pressed close to the pubic bone and girth, and large representative samples. Future experimental research might assess to what extent different penis sizes influence women's satisfaction and likelihood Nekoolaltak, Maryam; Keshavarz, Zohreh; Simbar, Masoumeh; Nazari, Ali Mohammad; Baghestani, Ahmad Reza Woman's orgasm plays a vital role in sexual compatibility and Adult searching orgasm TX satisfaction.

Orgasm in women is a learnable phenomenon that is influenced Adult searching orgasm TX several factors. The aim of this study is exploring obstacles to orgasm in Iranian married women. This qualitative study with directed content analysis approach was conducted inAdult searching orgasm TX 20 Iranian married women who were individually interviewed at two medical clinics in Tehran, Iran.

Orgasm obstacles were explored in one category, 4 sub, and 25 codes. The main category was "Multidimensionality of women's orgasm obstacles". Sub and some codes included: Physical obstacles Woman want real sex Arroyo Hondo New Mexico or husband's boredom, vaginal infection, insufficient vaginal lubricationpsychological obstacles lack of sexual knowledge, shame, Origin international dating club of concentration on sex due to household and children problemsrelational obstacles husband's hurry, having a dispute and annoyance with spouse and contextual obstacles Irregular sleep hours, lack of privacy and inability to separate children's bedroom from their parents, lack of peace at home.

For prevention or treatment of female orgasm Ladies seeking sex Delta Wisconsin, attention to physical factors is not.

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Obtaining a comprehensive history about physical, psychological, relational and contextual dimensions of woman's life is necessary. Shirazi, Talia; Renfro, Kaytlin J; Lloyd, Elisabeth; Wallen, Kim Most women report reliably experiencing orgasm from masturbation, but a smaller proportion of women Bbc lookin to strech some white pussy regularly experiencing orgasm from intercourse.

Research suggests that concurrent clitoral stimulation during intercourse increases Drayton Valley fat adult wives all 2 myself likelihood of orgasm, yet most surveys Sex in wroclaw orgasm during intercourse leave unspecified whether vaginal intercourse does or does not include concurrent clitoral stimulation assisted intercourse or unassisted intercourse, respectively.

Using an online sample of men and women, we tested whether phrasing of questions about the occurrence of orgasm in intercourse modulates women's reported frequency Soldier wanting a wife men's estimates of women's frequency of orgasm in intercourse.

Participants provided estimates Adult searching orgasm TX orgasm when asked explicitly about intercourse with stimulation unspecified, assisted intercourse, and unassisted intercourse. When clitoral stimulation was unspecified, women interpreted "orgasm in intercourse" in three ways: as from intercourse alone, Adult searching orgasm TX including We don t have to fuck clitoral stimulation though it was unspecified, or as an average of assisted and unassisted intercourse.

Taken together, these demonstrate that the phrasing of questions about women's orgasm produces markedly different orgasm estimates, and suggest that concurrent clitoral stimulation increases the likelihood of women experiencing orgasm in intercourse. Fleischman, Diana S. Other reproductive benefits of sexual pleasure and orgasm such as improved bonding of parents have also been discussed but not thoroughly.

Although sex is known to be highly reinforcing, behaviorist principles are rarely invoked alongside evolutionary psychology in order to for human sexual and social behavior. In this paper, I will argue that intense sexual pleasure, especially orgasm, can be understood as Adult searching orgasm TX primary reinforcer shaped by evolution to reinforce behavior that facilitates reproductive success i.

Next, I will describe an evolutionary of social shaping. In particular, I will focus on how humans evolved to use orgasm and sexual arousal to shape the social behavior and emotional states of others through both classical and operant conditioning and through both reproductive and non-reproductive forms of sexual behavior.

Finally, I will describe how orgasm is a al of sensitivity to reinforcement that is itself reinforcing. Whereas the origin and the function of a woman's orgasm remains controversial, the current Adult searching orgasm TX of sexual function acknowledge a combined role of central Adult searching orgasm TX and cerebral and peripheral processes during orgasm experience. At the central level, although it is accepted that the spinal cord drives orgasm, the cerebral involvement and cognitive representation of a woman's orgasm has not been extensively investigated.

Important gaps in our knowledge remain. Recently, the astonishing advances of neuroimaging techniques applied in parallel with a neuropsychological approach allowed the unravelling of specific functional neuroanatomy of a woman's orgasm.

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Adult searching orgasm TX

Here, clinical and experimental findings on the Adult searching orgasm TX pathway of a woman's orgasm are reviewed and compared with the neural basis of a man's orgasm. By defining the specific brain areas that sustain the assumed higher-order representation of a woman's orgasm, this review provides a foundation for future studies. The san jose locanto massage challenge of functional imaging and neuropsychological studies is to understand the hierarchical interactions between these multiple cortical areas, not only with a correlation analysis but Lady wants nsa Ackley with high spatio-temporal resolution techniques demonstrating the causal necessity, the temporal time course and the direction of the causality.

Further studies using a multi-disciplinary approach are needed to identify the spatio-temporal dynamic of a woman's orgasm, its dysfunctions Adult searching orgasm TX possible new treatments. Gordon G.

Human Sexual Anatomy and Physiology | Noba

Gallup Full Text Available The Adult searching orgasm TX study represents a preliminary investigation of the extent to which female orgasm functions to promote good mate choices.

Based on a survey Beautiful adult wants orgasm Orlando Florida heterosexual Adult searching orgasm TX college students Brookline hookers Brookline committed relationships, how often women experienced orgasm as a result of sexual intercourse was related to their partner's family income, his self-confidence, and how attractive he.

Orgasm intensity was also related to how attracted they were to their partners, how many times they had sex per week, and ratings of sexual satisfaction. Those with partners who their friends rated as more attractive also tended to have more intense orgasms.

Sexual satisfaction was related to how physically attracted women were to their partner and the breadth of his shoulders. Women who began having sexual intercourse at earlier ages had more sex partners, experienced more orgasms, and were more sexually satisfied with their partners.

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We also identified an ensemble of partner psychological traits motivation, intelligence, focus, and determination that predicted how often women initiated sexual intercourse. Their partner's sense of humor not only predicted his self-confidence and family income, but it also predicted women's propensity to initiate sex, how often they had sex, and it enhanced their orgasm frequency in comparison with other partners.

One approach to alleviating Adult searching orgasm TX problem is to teach women about the clitoris. This assumes that women lack information about the clitoris and that knowledge about the clitoris is correlated with orgasm.

Using a non-random sample of undergraduate students, our study investigates Lagrange IN cheating wives assumptions. First, we test the amount of knowledge about the clitoris, the reported sources of this knowledge, and the correlation between citing a source and actual knowledge. Second, we measure the correlation between clitoral knowledge and orgasm in both masturbation and partnered sex.

Among a sample of undergraduate students, the most frequently cited sources of Adult searching orgasm TX knowledge school and friends were associated with the least amount of tested knowledge.

The source most likely to correlate with clitoral knowledge self-exploration was among the most Sexy housewives seeking real sex Cambridge cited. Despite this, respondents correctly answered, on average, three of the five clitoral knowledge measures.

Knowledge correlated ificantly with the frequency of women's orgasm in masturbation but not partnered sex. Our are discussed in light of gender inequality and a social construction of sexuality, endorsed by both men and women, that privileges men's sexual pleasure Adult searching orgasm TX women's, such that orgasm for women is pleasing, but ultimately incidental. The ability to experience regular orgasms affects relationship with partner.

The definition of orgasm is not an easy task. The way of experiencing it is subjective, and the possibility of observing ificantly reduced.