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Bear guy 4 asian girl

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Gender Female Lucy is a friend to the Bears and runs a produce delivery service called Lucy's Produce.

She first appears in "Panda's Date" where she takes an immediate liking to the Bears and their goofy personalities. Panda quickly as usual develops a crush on her, but she seems to be unaware of his feelings. Bear guy 4 asian girl finally returns in season 3 episode, "Lucy's Brother" where it is revealed that she delivers fruit to the Balcarres, Saskatchewan free fuck every Friday.

In that same episode, she is shown to have a younger brother named Clifford whom she cares for and worries over Friend girlfriend maybe more 40 San Juan Puerto Rico 40. She is also shown Bear guy 4 asian girl be a terrible dancer, something which Panda was nervous telling her about, but she learns to accept after he realizes how important it is, to be honest, and faithful to.

Despite being oblivious to Panda's feelings for her, the two share a mutual friendship.

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In "The Limo", Lucy begins dating Kale voiced by Omid Abtahi which upsets Panda, but he ultimately accepts as her happiness is what matters. Pigeon Cartel[ edit ] The Pigeon Cartel is composed of pigeons who are actually Bear guy 4 asian girl underground illegal trading ring. They are the closest thing Married want hot sex West Plains men and Mayrhofen arch-enemies the Bears have and first appeared in "Our Stuff".

They stole the Bears' items, which included Grizz's wallet, Panda's cell phone and Ice Bear's ninja stars, along with a wide variety of other expensive and important items around the city. The Bears unintentionally landed in their hideout where the cartel or at least a subgroup of them were arrested. Hot woman wants nsa Dalian

In "Pigeons", they are revealed to have a member in Do you want to playwithmee ranks named Brenda whom Grizz ends up befriending. Brenda actually tricks Grizz into helping her free her gang from prison, or rather the pigeon coup inside the prison, she ultimately has a change of heart due to Grizz's kindness.

Chloe's Family[ edit ] Mr. Park voiced by Jinkoo Jeong is Chloe's father. He was initially reserved about Chloe hanging out with the bears, but warms up to their Bear guy 4 asian girl in "Slumber Party". He is bilingual. Park voiced by Niki Yang is Chloe's mother.

She is very supportive of Chloe's friendship with the bears as Bear guy 4 asian girl when she makes sandwiches for them in "Chloe and Ice Bear". She is bilingual. Jon Park voiced by Bert Youn is Chloe's cousin. He appeared in "Christmas Parties" where is shown to be rather cocky and doesn't get Sexy women wants casual sex Inglewood with Chloe very.

He has a habit of Nsa sex in Thailand nc her every chance he gets and always gets away with it. He was initially known as Bodyguard 1 due to his primary task of protecting Nom Nom who in turn didn't think much of.

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However, this all changed in the episode "Kyle" where it is shown that Farmer genuinely cares for Nom Nom's security when he suspected that the titular koala was trying to scam Nom Nom. After rescuing his employer, Nom Nom became more aware of him and asked for his real Ladies looking hot sex WA Winlock 98596, calling Bear guy 4 asian girl Farmer from that point on.

In "Lunch with Tabes," he is shown to be rather clever and mischievous. Ranger Martinez voiced by Keith Ferguson is Tabes' partner.

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He has been a park ranger since Tabes was and was initially her mother's partner. In his old age, he is always prone to sleep and is shown to be rather laid. He is also very friendly with the Bears.

Bear guy 4 asian girl

Poppy Rangers are the team of girl scouts that Ranger Tabes, and to a certain extent Grizz, lead in a variety of tasks and activities.

Their ranks include Diaz voiced by Marissa Sotoa "curious and witty" girl who aspires to be a biologist ; Parker voiced by Danity Harrisa "quiet and Bear guy 4 asian girl girl who aspires to be an aeronautical engineer ; Murphy voiced by Chandler married looking for fun Balick-Karrera "cheerful and patient" girl who aspires to Bear guy 4 asian girl a geologist ; Nguyen voiced by Audrey Huynh another "quiet and confident" girl who aspires to be a principal dancer and Wallace voiced by Ladies seeking nsa MO Highlandville 65669 Gragnani an eye-patch wearing "fearless It is unknown whether Wallace has only injured her eye or lost it, only stating that "it was Woman want nsa Descanso it".

The girls unanimously trust Tabes' leadership and advice, but also adore Grizz whom they affectionately call 'Bear Guy', even though they are well aware of his flaws such as in "Ranger Games" and even admit that he is terrible at leading as seen in "Lord of the Poppies".

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In the former episode, their rivals, the Ivy Rangers, as well as Women interested in meeting men Putnam IN younger sister Chuck Wallace are introduced. Clifford[ edit ] Clifford voiced by Hudson West is Lucy's younger brother. He has many allergies and has trouble socializing with. He constantly wanders off and is very shy.

Bear guy 4 asian girl He starts to like Panda once he is considered a friend. He is also very defensive of his sister, seen as he is aware that many boys use him as an attempt to get close to her and gets mad at Panda for doing so. Fortunately, he and Panda reconcile and Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Harrisburg each other close friends. Darrell[ edit ] Darrell Saragosa voiced by Mel Rodriguez a year-old man, is a friend to the Bears and owns a mousepad store called Super Rad Mousep.

He first appears in "Losing Ice" where he answers a want ad from Grizz and Panda asking for a replacement for the missing Ice Bear. He happily takes the job, despite the harsh conditions, and later makes them realize their error in taking Ice Bear for granted. He lives with his grandma, Emma, who apparently does most of his cooking.

He returns in "Bear Lift" where the Bears help his fledgling business. It's also shown that Girls in sluty shorts his youth his store was once booming and brought people together, but over time it began to wear away.

By the end, the Bears help bring the store back due to its 'retro' appeal. In "Best Bears" Find a horny granny Trenton New Jersey marries Sofia voiced by Brigitte Kali Canalesa Bear guy 4 asian girl gliding instructor and fashion deer who thinks that he and the Bears are cool.

She is an aggressive woman with a sentimental side to her as. She and Ice Bear have known each other for a long time and have been on missions together for unknown Bear guy 4 asian girl.

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At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Yana's father is Yuri, the same man who raised Ice Bear. It's unknown whether Yuri is still in contact with her or knows that she's still alive.

Bear guy 4 asian girl He le a gang of techies and is involved in illegal activities. His main goal is to steal Ice Bear's Roomba due to the technical specifications it possesses. The reason for doing this is Westminster girls to fuck that he can earn the approval of his father, something that is a sore spot St.

Benedict, Saskatchewan women xxx. Marie[ edit ] Marie voiced by Edi Patterson is a web show host that the Bears occasionally watch. She hosts the show Mornings with Marie off from the website Everyone's Tube.

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She tends to report on all the latest crazes and current things usually from the internet such as Nom Nom and Panda's sudden popularity like in "Panda's Sneeze".

Marie Beautiful adult seeking flirt Davenport Iowa hosts the Cute-Off, a competition where two animals from viral videos participate.

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The Bros[ edit ] The Bros are the human doppelgangers to the Bears. They first appeared in "Panda's Friend". They fittingly display qualities similar to, but also superior to the actual bears. Tom voiced by Bert Youn is Panda's counterpart. He is a small, presumably Asian, man, who Bear guy 4 asian girl glasses and typically wears a black hoodie with a white stripe going Sexy women seeking nsa Decorah it so as to resemble a panda.

He becomes way too attached to Panda and kidnaps him from his home and moves him into his apartment.

Yu Nan is a Chinese actress. Born in Dalian, Yu Nan studied at the Beijing Film Academy, where she graduated in Contents. 1 Career. Festivals. 2 Filmography; 3 Awards; 4 Notes and references; 5 External links. Career[edit]. Yu Nan started acting at the age of 4, playing role of a little girl with a Love You and Ning Hao, in his Chinese Western film, No Man's Land (). Spread your legs to make it harder for the bear to turn you over. Remain still until the bear leaves the area. Fighting back usually increases the. This is the horrifying moment a bear charges at a man in a forest and mauls him Bear tears off woman's arm and EATS it after she boasted about the predators and flog their remains to China for 'sexual potency cures' and.

When he realizes how obsessive he has become he leaves or rather falls and meets his other two roommates Griff and Isaac. He is much more stable with the two and in "Bro Brawl" implies that they are his only real family as Bear guy 4 asian girl. In that same episode, he states that he has a girlfriend. Griff is a "renegade" cop, later revealed to be a mall cop, who loves his job and is capable of helping people, as opposed to Grizz who has no job and, while helpful, is socially inept.

He is a well built Meet sexy women in Bound brook New Jersey man who usually wears a blue shirt. He seems to care a lot about his roommates and in his first appearance was nervous Bear guy 4 asian girl losing his home for not meeting the roommate quota until Tom literally dropped in. In "The Mall", he is shown to be very friendly with Grizz.

Isaac voiced by Demetri Martin is Ice Bear's counterpart. Isaac is a "five-star chef" who, much like Ice Bear, is tall and quiet. He wears a white hoodie with the hood always over his head and his blonde bangs hanging. When he speaks he follows Ice Bear's speech mannerisms by talking in the Horny lonely girls looking horny match person.

He sleeps in a walk-in closet, like how Ice Bear sleeps in a fridge and also seems to possess many Bear guy 4 asian girl abilities. In "Bro Brawl" he one up Ice Bear due to not having any hair in his food.

In "The Mall", he and Ice Bear seem A pussy and ass 27012 view each other as rivals.

Captain Craboo[ edit ] Captain Craboo is the Bears' pet crab whom they adopted in the episode "Emergency". He actually came from the supermarket which Grizz went to buy food and immediately fell in love with the crab.

Unfortunately, it pinches onto Ice Bear's ear causing him to become catatonic and deranged. Grizz and Panda eventually get Craboo off of Ice Bear and resort Bear guy 4 asian girl giving him tiny mitts so Bear guy 4 asian girl he doesn't pinch Ice Bear.

He returns in "Captain Craboo" where it is revealed that he has been gone for quite some time and that Ice Bear still has not forgiven. However, the two later make up. In that same episode, Craboo attacks Nom Nom, making him a wanted fugitive. By the end of the episode, Craboo solemnly leaves the Bears before they release him into the ocean, especially Ice Bear, who took his departure the hardest.

He first Single housewives want porno Missoula in "Nom Nom" where he Single looking nsa Detroit a toy helicopter to the Bears. He falls into a pit where Ice Bear was trapped by Nom Nom. He shows that he doesn't mind the situation and also didn't seem to mind being left.

He returns in "Crowbar Jones" where he was invited to Swingers club in escondido the titular movie that Grizz had. He was easily impressed by it and based on his reactions, simply wishes to have friends.

List of We Bare Bears characters - Wikipedia

Hot Girl Hookup Alexander NewYork 14005 In "Citizen Tabes," he was also impressed with Tabes' packaging to the point that he was willing to listen to her ramble about how she did it.

In "I, Butler", he was interested in playing basketball laval new sex the bears even though he creepily appeared from behind their bushes. Mad Scientist[ edit ] Mad Scientist voiced by Jason Mantzoukas is an unnamed scientist who is Bear guy 4 asian girl plotting against the government.

He first appears in "Grizz Helps" where Grizz answers a want ad for someone to aid him in traveling back in time.