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Good looking homebody type

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I'm 24, going to school and working, i love music, dancing, and cooking.

Age: 22
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We spent quality time and thoughtfulness in picking out our recliner, couch and electronic devices that fill our homes.

You may think we are throwing away money, but these items are our entertainment on most nights and prevent us from spending even more money on trendy clothing, expensive restaurants and transportation getting to and from outrageously pricey venues.

Some friends call us lazy.

Our living room Good looking homebody type be a video game center, movie theater, ping pong recreation center, gourmet restaurant and t-ball field all at. Winter and bad weather only increase our homebody-ness and are our enemy when it comes to venturing.

We start to welcome the colder weather come fall as it gives us an even greater excuse to stay in and snuggle up. When we do make it out, Sensual Minneapolis rubdowns may seem a little rusty on our social skills due to lack of practice.

Nothing makes us more excited than a weekend filled with no plans. To some, this would represent a social calamity — and perhaps induce anxiety that in loneliness.

A homebody knows better than to fear a plan-less Wife seeking real sex Lockwood of days.

She or he will soak up the quiet with happiness. If you do manage to get us out of our home, we like structured and early evenings.

Like laundry. Cooking a meal.

Cleaning out our closets. Catching up on bills and other neglected responsibilities.

Not to mention the pleasures of online shopping that can now be done without fighting crowds and waiting in line endlessly. We celebrate the creation of online services such as Seamless that have supported our homebody ways.

We can now order any type of cuisine in the world to our home within an hour. Thank you, to companies like Insomnia Cookieswho understand the delight Wife looking nsa Captain Cook having warm freshly baked cookies delivered to our door into the wee hours of the night.

Traveling seems like a Housewives seeking sex Coy idea in concept. Our friends get frustrated with us when attempting to make plans because we hold tightly to our familiar, comfortable surroundings and often reject or make setting a date difficult.