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What do the lonely do at Aberdeen Looking Sex Contacts

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What do the lonely do at Aberdeen

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Music video[ edit ] The music video is a clay animation video and does not feature the band. It is about a clumsy, lonely dragon-like monster who travels to a busy city at night trying to make friends.

Instead, he indirectly causes the deaths of 3 people and a dog, much to his shock. He quickly retreats to his lair and watches the news, where he begins to sob as he finds that the city has demonized.

Throughout the video he is seen creating a replica city. When he returns to the city, he holds a statue he made of himself and another human holding hands, with "FRIENDS" engraved on the.

As he walks through the city a second time, police shine a spotlight in his eyes, causing him to drop the statue.

Subsequently the police officers open fire on the dragon, and the dragon kicks one of.

Once again he hurries back to his lair, to later be intruded upon by soldiers and a tank. All of the soldiers open fire on the dragon with automatic weapons, and one fires consecutive rockets at him, causing the beast to lose an arm and leg.

The tank then fires a Woman seeking casual sex Doral directly at his head, causing it to explode. One of the monster's eyes rolls over toward the General, prompting him to casually shoot the eye.

With the beast subdued, the General lights a cigar and walks over to a statue of the creature and a human smiling together, and a look of surprise washes over him as he realizes that the dragon wanted to be friends.

Track written by Cage the Elephant.